17:30 – 23:30

Finest flavors from the

Canary Islands

Located just above Puerto de Los Cristianos.
Avangard is an à la carte restaurant on the corner of Avenida Amsterdam and Avenida London. With it’s relaxing atmosphere and soft background music playing, Avangard represents an exquisite restaurant. A place where you can fully enjoy both: service and finest dishes served to your preference. All lovingly prepared by Chef Draghi’s team.

House specialties

Tournedos Rossini

with Foie Gras, Truffles and Port-wine sauce


Avangard stuffed pork escalope with cream cheese

with french fries, salad and tartar sauce


Kangaroo filet in honey – mustard sauce

with potatoes and vegetables


Duck Magret (breast)

with red berry sauce, potatoes and salad


Chef Draghi’s remarkable journey began over two decades ago on a marvelous island. Immersed in the local culture, he connected with people and explored the rich culinary traditions. With each passing year, his love for the island’s traditions grew stronger. He studied ancient recipes, honed his skills, and developed his own unique style blending tradition with innovation. Supported by his wife Branka, they crafted extraordinary dishes that captivated patrons. Their creations, infused with love for the island and its bountiful ingredients, transported guests on a culinary journey. Meticulous attention to detail and artistry in presentation made every dish a work of art. Their restaurant became a destination for food lovers from near and far, drawn by the whispers of unforgettable flavors and an unparalleled dining experience. Chef Draghi’s impact went beyond the restaurant, as he shared his knowledge and passion with aspiring chefs and home cooks. His journey showcases passion, determination, and a deep affection for the island and its culinary customs. Chef Draghi’s culinary legacy will be cherished for generations.

Our Story

Chef Carlos born in La Palma island brought best locally grown, traditionally prepared spices to ensure every dish is complemented with unique touch of this wonderful place.

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